Volleyball Injuries And Prevention

This page covers some common volleyball injuries and their possible treatment. There are also some ideas about injury prevention.

Ankle Problems

  • Active Ankle

    Used by several Spikeopaths to protect their delicate little ankles. Check out the Active Ankle web site for loads of information about ankles and why their supports are so good !

Knee Problems

  • Leg And Feet Injuries

    Running web site but very applicable to volleyball. Explains various leg injuries and problems together with ways to stretch to minimize the risks.…

  • Knees – Problems

    Sore knees ?. A few suggested exercises to sort help… Also links to other resources

  • Knees – Patellofemoral Pain

    Sore knees ? Try this site…… It gives details on various causes for knee pain and suggestions for sorting it out !

  • Knees – Braces

    How good are knee braces, describes how to get them, how to wear them, different types etc.

  • Jumpers Knee

    Patellar tendonitis, or jumpers knee, is the most frequent overuse injury in volleyball players because of the high frequency of jumping activity inherent in the sport. This article describes the problem and some possible solutions

  • Lead And Lag Legs

    Research that was conducted during landing of blocking movements to determine where lower body injuries originate

  • Knee Problems

    Loads of information on knee problems, knee pain, anatomy etc.

Shoulder Problems

Volleyball Injuries

  • Volleyball Injuries

    Injury information published by the American Volleyball Online Coaches Association. This is mainly a tad deep for mere mortals but some bits are interesting. Check out their published articles section

  • Volleyball Injuries

    A few articles published by the Volleyball Seek web site They have sections on knee (thats me !), shoulder (me again !) and other joint problems.

  • Volleyball Injuries

    This is a great web site. It is mainly for running but has loads of stuff that is applicable to volleyball

  • Volleyball Injuries

    Excellent web site. This site will take you to their medical section but they have loads of other information on volleyball. The medical section has items on injury prevention, shoulder injuries etc.

  • Volleyball Injuries

    Details on various volleyball injuries and problems. Includes sections on rotator cuff problems, shoulder surgery, ankles, knees etc.

  • Avoiding Injuries

    A long term approach to avoiding injuries. Tom Fakehany lists several ways to avoid injury

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